HTML Character Codes

In order to validate your HTML pages, certain characters will need to be encoded. For this, you must use the proper HTML character code. Below is a table containing some of those characters and the code you should use in your script.

Character Code   Character Code
& &   À À
< &lt;   Á &Aacute;
> &gt;   Â &Acirc;
© &copy;   Ä &Auml;
&trade;   Ç &Ccedil;
® &reg;   &para;
« &laquo;   Þ &THORN;
» &raquo;   Ø &Oslash;
&ndash;   ß &szlig;
&mdash;   ÷ &divide;
¹ &sup1;   × &times;
² &sup2;   æ &aelig;
³ &sup3;   ¿ &iquest;
¼ &frac14;   ¡ &iexcl;
½ &frac12;   Ð &ETH;
¾ &frac34;   ° &deg;

The accented letters all work the same, just replace the first letter in the code to the letter you wish to use.