Designing your Website

Designing is probably the funnest part of building your website but it is also a crucial part. Designing can help you discover unforthseen hiccups, build an architectural model of your website and also really get the ball rolling.

What Makes a Good Design

Don't forget the classic rule.. KISS Keep It Simple Stupid!! Too much clutter and too much variation can easily ruin a design! Keep it simple and stick to a clean, and organized look. Be sure to make your website as user friendly as possible and remember that we are creature of habits. Position your navigation either at the top or on the left, have your logo at the top and keep your main content in the central space of your web page.

If you feel that you don't have the 'eye' for design, try to do as little as possible. Plain colors are perfectly acceptable as long as they are properly matched with other colors. A phenomenal resource to assist you with colors is COLOURlovers. A simple pattern that blends smoothly with your design can also add a nice kick to it. For additional website design resources please visit our resources page.

What to Design

You will certainly want to create a homepage design for your website. Creating multiple and varying versions may also be a good way to stimulate different approaches and possiblities. If you plan on making your homepage and interior pages different, we would also recommend designing and interior page.

Design Software

The web design industry is pretty much reliant on Adobe products for designing. We can safely state that Adobe Photoshop is a requirement for anyone designing their own webpage.

When designing your webpage in Adobe Photoshop be sure to keep your .psd clean and organized. By this we mean label your layers and group them together with similar elements. Below is the .psd that was created and used for this design.

weburge Photoshop file