Marketing your Website

There more the merrier

There are tons of ways for you to market your website and get it out there besides SEO. With today's technology and social networking potentials, the possibilities are endless. Below are a few examples of website marketing options.

  • facebook

    You can easily create a facebook 'page' for your business. On this page you can add photos, information and well as have people follow you and become fans.

  • Twitter

    Creating a Twitter account is a fantastic way of keeping people updated with what is happening with your business. Provide feedback on new clients, work and special deals to keep your visitors coming and intersted.

  • Google Groups

    Get involved in Google Groups and start talking about your industry. If you provide good responses or feedback and include a link to your website, people will visit!

  • Other Social Networking Sites

    Plurk, MySpace, Google Plus.

  • Blog, blog, blog

    Find blogs and forums related to your industry and get involved. People loved getting good advise and this a chance to get yourself trusted and respected and once you include a link or reference to your site, people will flock to it.

  • Other Marketing Techniques

    Business Cards, flyers, brochures, T-Shirts, hats, stickers.